Sep 29, 2010

5 Ways to Make Your Life More Positive

Have you ever met someone who was so positive about life, you wish you felt that way as well? You can.  

Positive thinking is a powerful tool.  Our minds control all of our thought processes and can be the catalyst for living a happy and positive existence or live life with a doom and gloom attitude.

Here are several ways to not only improve your mindset, but your life as well.

Sep 23, 2010

Top 5 Things That Have Annoyed Me This Week

  1. My Achilles Tendon became extremely annoying this week when I discovered that I actually developed tendonitis (Achilles tendonitis) on my left ankle. Especially since I’m not particularly athletic. I mean, I do work out, but it’s very moderate cardio and weight training – nothing excessive. So how did I get so lucky as to have developed this condition? No idea…and that’s even more annoying.
  2. Paying for Car Repairs – very annoying since I only have a few months left on my lease, so great timing, daughter of mine! Fabulous time to back out of the garage and knock off the passenger-side mirror. Yippee! (But then, I suppose I wouldn’t be any less annoyed if this had happened at the beginning of the lease, either –Just Sayin’).

Sep 22, 2010

You Really Can Think Yourself Happy

Believe it or not, it is within your power to create positive thoughts allowing you to accomplish anything you set out to do.  Can you really think yourself happy?  The answer is a qualified yes. Here are the ways in which positive thoughts can help you accomplish many things in life.

Positive thoughts produce positive results.  We can either bemoan our situation, or change it. We can be negative about an event or enthusiastic. President Lincoln once said, “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” If you really want to think yourself happy, then make up your mind to do so. 

Aug 8, 2010

Organic Gardening – Easy Ways To Get Started Today

Growing your own herbs, vegetables, greens and fruit can be both incredibly rewarding and delicious. However, many gardeners rely on pesticides, herbicides and fungicides not to mention chemical fertilizers to help their garden grow. That’s not only unnecessary, it’s also unhealthy. All those nutritious veggies pack a much healthier punch if they’re sans harmful chemicals.

Step #1
Prepare your soil. Because your soil is the foundation of your garden, it is important to make sure it’s full of the right nutrients to feed your garden. Mix in organic material like compost or humus and consider having your soil tested. The proper soil conditions can make the difference between a sparse crop and award winning vegetables.

Step #2
Choose your crop. The second step to build an organic garden is to choose your crop. What are you going to grow in your garden? Initially, in addition to what you’re going to grow, you’ll want to decide if you want to purchase plants or start your garden from seeds. If you start early enough you can use seeds. If not, you can purchase organic plants from your local nursery.
Regardless of what you choose, seeds or plants, make sure they’re grown without chemicals.

Aug 1, 2010

Get Rid of Acne – Simple Solutions That Really Work

Acne plagues millions. And when you suffer from acne and breakouts it can have a negative effect on your confidence. The good news is to get rid of acne, there are simple solutions that really work.

#1. Cut back on sugar. There are both good and bad bacteria that live in our bodies. And some bacteria, the kind that can cause acne, thrive on sugar. Additionally, sugar affects your hormone levels and blood sugar levels both of which can cause a strain on your body. This strain makes it difficult for your body to fight any kind of infection, even a small pimple.

Cutting back on sugar helps balance your body’s systems and it eliminates the food bacteria thrive on. If your diet is particularly high in sugar and starchy carbohydrates (think white bread and baked goods) then going on a sugar elimination diet will show dramatic improvements in your skin.

There’s a reason chocolate is so often linked to acne, because it’s high in sugar. It’s also high in dairy and if you have a dairy sensitivity, which many people do, it can cause acne. Additionally, dairy is often full of hormones added to the cows to help them produce more milk. These hormones can wreak havoc on your system. Common foods that can cause acne include sugary foods, dairy, alcoholic beverages, fried foods, meat treated with hormones, and common allergy causing foods like nuts.