Sep 23, 2010

Top 5 Things That Have Annoyed Me This Week

  1. My Achilles Tendon became extremely annoying this week when I discovered that I actually developed tendonitis (Achilles tendonitis) on my left ankle. Especially since I’m not particularly athletic. I mean, I do work out, but it’s very moderate cardio and weight training – nothing excessive. So how did I get so lucky as to have developed this condition? No idea…and that’s even more annoying.
  2. Paying for Car Repairs – very annoying since I only have a few months left on my lease, so great timing, daughter of mine! Fabulous time to back out of the garage and knock off the passenger-side mirror. Yippee! (But then, I suppose I wouldn’t be any less annoyed if this had happened at the beginning of the lease, either –Just Sayin’).
  3. Text Alerts about Wild Brush Fires – I voluntarily signed up for them, only because I live in Southern California and my home has been threatened by them several times. So, yes, I want to be notified when a fire pops up, but when I see one of these alerts come through on my phone, I become alarmed, and then when I read it and find out this one’s not near me (thank God), I’m relieved. This emotional roller coaster is killing me.
  4. When I realized that I really am the one who does everything around here! When you have an injury and can’t move around much, you start to see just how much you’ve been doing around the house, and just how much others haven’t. It’s amazing how quickly the dishes pile up in the kitchen or how quickly the trash starts to over-flow. And why is it that NO ONE ever seems to remember to put a new liner in the trash can??? Very annoying.
  5. People Who Tweet Every Single Thought That Pops Into Their Heads! If I’m following you on Twitter, it’s most likely because your profile was interesting, it related in some way to my blog, or because you promised to follow me back. With that said, please don’t tweet every single thought you have! Tweet something funny or interesting – or even something that will make me click on your website. No one cares what you had for dinner last night or if you got your toenail fixed. Keep it up and I will un-follow you. (And I just realized that it’s very likely that no one cares about all the things that annoyed me this week, either!)


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