Nov 28, 2008

Being Greatful - and what it means to "Be Present"...

I was perusing through some of my favorite blogs today, and when I came across one in particular, I couldn't resist sharing. I hope Sue from What got me going today, doesn't mind!

Her latest post is about a "Gratitude Journal". I absolutely love this. Actually, I have tried to keep one myself over the last few years, but I'm not so great at keeping up with and writing in a journal everyday - which is why I was so impressed with her list of 50 things she is greatful for! And, because of this, I have a new-found excitement about starting my own journal again.

For me, this kind of journal is about much more that just being thankful or greatful. It's about staying on track, staying positive no matter what, staying in the "now". So often we get wrapped up in our daily busy-ness - our work, families, chores...not to mention the stress that comes with all of that...and then we worry, worry, worry! ("are those new wrinkles around my eyes?", "was that a grey hair!?!", "I hope my daughter/son did well on that test today", "times are hard right now - what will I/we do?") - you get the idea!

If, at the end of the day - ANY day, you can stop - let those worries subside for a moment - and just recall all of the things you are greatful for (in spite of those worries) - then you have brought yourself back into the "now" and your energy has returned to being Positive. Once you get there, you will notice that those worries all of a sudden seem "silly". You will also notice that since you feel good right here, right now, the future doesn't seem so scary afterall, and eventually you begin to see that nothing is impossible - no matter what the economy might be, what you're kids are doing, how many grey hairs you have, or what the rest of the world is telling you.

When you are appreciating what you have right here, right now, you are "Present" and you are in the "Now". That's when the good stuff starts to happen.

If anyone is interested in learning more about this subject, I know of some great resources - I'd be happy to share!

Nov 11, 2008


I’ve noticed more and more lately how quick many people are to jump to conclusions. And those conclusions are always “the worst”. Many people these days seem to automatically assume “the worst” about everything. And they don’t hesitate to get in your face about it – without finding out the truth, first.

I’ve notice this is especially true with emails and posts. Maybe they somehow feel safe using the computer to confront and/or harass people, rather than face-to-face. It’s as if many people automatically assume others are trying to scam, cheat or steal from them. I realize that a lot of these things do happen, but I’m not so cynical yet, that I believe every single person/company out there is a criminal.

When I read these things, or see this kind of behavior, it automatically puts me on the defensive, whether it’s about me or not. Quite honestly, I don’t fully understand it. Is it really necessary to be just plain rude and mean? And, if your behavior causes others to have an “on-the-defense”, knee-jerk reaction, is it really worth it to cause that sort of animosity in others?

Maybe it’s just me – although I really don’t believe my life has been all that “sheltered”. My parents and grandparents always told me that you “can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar”…they also taught me the Golden Rule and to try to be polite and considerate of others – even if you don’t know them. (I have found this to be true when I have been the consumer, as well -- I always seem to get what I want/need as long as I am respectful and polite.)

Also, in my professional life, I learned how to deal with people in a polite and professional manner, even if it meant dealing with disgruntled employees or customers. There are ways to deal with people, without being mean, hateful or just plain rude.

I don’t know about you, but I hate to get all riled up about stuff. I personally think it takes way more energy to be mean, than it does to be nice!

Ok – so there’s my rant for today. I try not to complain much, but this has bothered me for a long time…and the next one that refuses to let me over on the freeway better watch out! (just kidding)

Anybody else notice this?

Nov 6, 2008

My First Meme

My new friend Anna Lefler from Life Just Keeps Getting Weirder tagged me to either:

1. List 7 weird or quirky things about myself,

2. Post the 5th photo from my 5th album for the whole dang world to see…

Well, since I’m not sure what #2 means, I guess I will go with #1! Okay – so here goes:

7 Weird or Quirky Things about me:

1. The first thing that comes to mind is singing. Yes, I’m one of those that loves to sing while driving. The difference is, I do it with my left hand cupped over my left ear, elbow resting on the door. This is supposed to make people think I am talking on my cell phone, so they don’t stare and make me feel uncomfortable – but I do it mostly so that I can hear my voice more clearly and whether or not I am hitting the right notes. (I’ve had voice lessons, and been in a studio several times, so I am always trying to perfect my voice). Oh no – wait – now they’ve passed the no-talking-while-driving-on-hand-held-cell-phone law. What now? Oh yeah – the blue tooth! Yippee! I can still play it off! (I just won’t be able to hear what notes I’m hitting….

2. I love shoes. Okay maybe not so quirky to most of you, but I do favor one specific type of shoe – the wedge! Maybe it’s because I was a child in the 70’s – all I know is that when I look at the shoes I bring home, 85% of them are high wedge heels. And I haven’t been able to stop.

3. I can hardly find any pictures of me as an adult. There are only a select few. I guess I’ve never gotten over the “extra 10 pounds” the camera added when I was pregnant! I’m working on overcoming this, but it’s not easy.

4. I refuse to cut my hair short. When I was about 8 years old, my mom cut my almost-elbow-length long hair back up to my ears. Shortly after that we went to Disneyland. The only thing I remember from that trip is that when we ordered hamburgers at one of the food stands, the guy behind the counter said, “And what would you like, little boy?” I cried and cried. Oh so tragic!

5. When I’m stressed, I do my nails. (I used to do nails professionally, but haven’t in many years). There is something creative about it, and I love any outlet that lets me be creative.

6. Most of my house is decorated in the “island” theme (you know, sort of Tommy Bahama-ish). I don’t mean to brag, but I was decorating that way when things of that style were still hard to find – before WalMart, Target, Z-Gallery and the others started having entire sections dedicated to that style. I guess everyone copied me – right?

7. I love red lipstick – only not on me. Somehow, I’ve gotten stuck in the light pink, shimmery lipstick/gloss and I just don’t think I look right with darker/brighter lipstick anymore. I always think I look like I have clown make-up on when I try it. Oh well, maybe in a past life…

So there you have it. I wasn’t sure I would be able to actually come up with seven things, but there they are!

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Anna - thanks for the shout out! I apologize for taking so long - I was on the East coast visiting family and time just got away from me!