Jun 30, 2010

Keep the Bugs Away This Summer!

No need for chemical sprays this summer! The essential oils of Lavender and Vanilla will keep those pesky insect away, (mosquitoes, ticks, etc.), PLUS, you’ll smell great!

If you already have Lavender and Vanilla essential oils at home, try it out by dabbing just a little bit on your pulse points before heading outside, ( wrists, behind the ears, temples, back of knees, etc.).

You can also make your own spray by mixing a few drops of the oils with witch hazel or distilled water. You can spray this on your skin, clothing, bedding, and towels. Another idea is to add a few drops onto a candle.

Lavender has been used for many things, a small portion of which are listed here: stomach upset, headache/migraine relief, acne, athlete’s foot, healing burns, insect bites and sunburns.

The best option for me has been to use a Lavender/Vanilla body lotion. Make sure, though, that the lotion contains essential oils, and not a synthetic fragrance. Not sure where to get some?

Click here to get some for yourself – and have a great summer!

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