Oct 12, 2008

Another Wedding?

While I do think being a guest at a wedding can be fun, if you don’t know anyone there, it can get pretty boring. So when I heard I would be attending another wedding this weekend, I wasn’t exactly excited about it.

On Saturday, while getting ready, I was having trouble finding the right outfit. Don’t you hate that? By the time you’re finished, you’re not only running late, but your entire closet is now on your bed, which means you will have to clean that up when you get home. And to top that off, you still don’t feel like a million bucks in the outfit you finally “settled” for, which leaves you in a not-so-great mood.

Little did I know, this would be a very different occasion.

Within 10 minutes of the end of the ceremony, I felt different. I actually felt happy to be there. I didn’t quite understand it yet, so I just did the usual, being introduced to different people and this large but amazing, wonderful family.

Eventually, though, I caught on. This family was fabulous! They didn’t just give you the usual smile, handshake, and “nice to meet you”…they embraced you! Not necessarily literally embraced you or hugged you (although some did)…but with that smile and handshake, you felt more than welcome. You felt they truly and genuinely loved meeting you and were happy to have you there. (I live in Los Angeles, and quite frankly, we don’t get a lot of that around here.)

Shortly after that, I noticed that I was in a really great mood! Hmmm…maybe a little positive energy being spread around here? Maybe a little love? When I tell you that I could “feel the love” at this reception – I really mean it. This family was so positive and had so much energy – most of them had me laughing hysterically! Not one of them was afraid to be goofy on the dance floor or to just be themselves and “let go”. And each one of them had big personalities – so bright and very funny. I was so impressed.

At one point, I remember thinking how I had just been through a couple of days that were fairly emotional. I wasn’t really thrilled about going to this wedding, but now I was having more fun than I’ve had in a very long time! Then I realized what was different…the energy – the positive energy, and the love this family has for each other – which comes through to other people, whether it be old friends or perfect strangers, like me.

For the first time in years, I didn’t care about my usual worries, or that I really didn’t like my outfit , or for that matter, what people thought about it. And I didn’t even care that my hair was starting to frizz!!! Nope! No self-conscious garbage last night! It was just too much fun to be there!

By the time I left, I honestly felt like a full-fledged member of this family. I only hope that I can remember to be that positive and loving to my own friends and family – and even people I don’t know. What an impact such a small change in attitude can make!

Oh, and by the way…today I was told that this wonderful family “loves” me…I guess I made a good impression!
-- But really, what’s not to love?

Tip for the week: Pass It On!!! (it will feel great - I promise)


  1. That is so fabulous! I LOVE meeting people that are so loving and welcoming and even more...I love it when I feel good about myself to not care what others think. Sounds like a great time!!

    Thanks so much for coming by my blog on Friday. I'm finally back in town and just now getting to visiting everyone! Your blog is oh-so-fantabulous! I love it!


  2. What a great and uplifting post! I, too, am a big believer in positive energy and its power. It's so nice to find wells of it on the Web...like your awesome blog!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today and I'm glad it made you laugh!

    Take care...

    :^) Anna

  3. People like that just make my day!

  4. That sounds like a great wedding with great people. I myself like the drama weddings!! lol Always makes me glad, I'm not part of the family.

  5. An interesting concept, and what a wonderful feeling! I love it when things turn out to be unexpectedly good. And to turn it around to make other people feel good too ... lovely :)

  6. I love when you feel right at home with people, especially those you don't know.

  7. Kelly,
    I just found your blog through SITS and LOVE IT! Sounds like you had a wonderfully amazing experience at the wedding and it has even encouraged me! So, thank you!
    I will be following your blog, my fellow CA SITSta.

  8. awww, thats wonderful kelly. You are awesome too for giving this family props and for noticing that " possitoive energy" isnt it amazing how our emotions can totally effect and catch on like wild fire. And because you started to like being there and were happy, Im sure that you as well made peole feel good!! Nice post, and great blog! i'll be back. Leah 5girls1boy.blogspot.com

  9. Well, I guess, expect the unexpected . It's so good to know that whenever we expect something bound to be usual, we are always pleasantly surprised.

    You're post even touched me with a spot of optimism, so impressing! :)