Nov 11, 2008


I’ve noticed more and more lately how quick many people are to jump to conclusions. And those conclusions are always “the worst”. Many people these days seem to automatically assume “the worst” about everything. And they don’t hesitate to get in your face about it – without finding out the truth, first.

I’ve notice this is especially true with emails and posts. Maybe they somehow feel safe using the computer to confront and/or harass people, rather than face-to-face. It’s as if many people automatically assume others are trying to scam, cheat or steal from them. I realize that a lot of these things do happen, but I’m not so cynical yet, that I believe every single person/company out there is a criminal.

When I read these things, or see this kind of behavior, it automatically puts me on the defensive, whether it’s about me or not. Quite honestly, I don’t fully understand it. Is it really necessary to be just plain rude and mean? And, if your behavior causes others to have an “on-the-defense”, knee-jerk reaction, is it really worth it to cause that sort of animosity in others?

Maybe it’s just me – although I really don’t believe my life has been all that “sheltered”. My parents and grandparents always told me that you “can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar”…they also taught me the Golden Rule and to try to be polite and considerate of others – even if you don’t know them. (I have found this to be true when I have been the consumer, as well -- I always seem to get what I want/need as long as I am respectful and polite.)

Also, in my professional life, I learned how to deal with people in a polite and professional manner, even if it meant dealing with disgruntled employees or customers. There are ways to deal with people, without being mean, hateful or just plain rude.

I don’t know about you, but I hate to get all riled up about stuff. I personally think it takes way more energy to be mean, than it does to be nice!

Ok – so there’s my rant for today. I try not to complain much, but this has bothered me for a long time…and the next one that refuses to let me over on the freeway better watch out! (just kidding)

Anybody else notice this?


  1. I think people hide behind a computer screen and therefore they would do things they wouldnt necessarily do if they were face to face with people. I think you do have to be wary as I ahve had my fingers burnt. However, being wary is not being rude or nasty. communication via email and or blogs can be misconstued and I have had cases of that. But my advice is to steer clear of anyone you get a bad vibe from as there are millions more decent people out there. Good thoughtful post.

  2. I just found your blog and I love it. Looking forward to reading more!

  3. I just found your blog on SITS. I love it. This post really resonated me. I've received emails that were so nasty, I know the person would never talk to me in person like that. But for every rude email, there are 10 others that are nice. I've met some wonderful people online.

  4. Unfortunetly, the computer makes people think they can get away with bad behavior.

  5. Rude behavior stinks, it makes you wonder why people are so angry and feel the need to take it out on everyone...Love your blog! :)