Nov 28, 2008

Being Greatful - and what it means to "Be Present"...

I was perusing through some of my favorite blogs today, and when I came across one in particular, I couldn't resist sharing. I hope Sue from What got me going today, doesn't mind!

Her latest post is about a "Gratitude Journal". I absolutely love this. Actually, I have tried to keep one myself over the last few years, but I'm not so great at keeping up with and writing in a journal everyday - which is why I was so impressed with her list of 50 things she is greatful for! And, because of this, I have a new-found excitement about starting my own journal again.

For me, this kind of journal is about much more that just being thankful or greatful. It's about staying on track, staying positive no matter what, staying in the "now". So often we get wrapped up in our daily busy-ness - our work, families, chores...not to mention the stress that comes with all of that...and then we worry, worry, worry! ("are those new wrinkles around my eyes?", "was that a grey hair!?!", "I hope my daughter/son did well on that test today", "times are hard right now - what will I/we do?") - you get the idea!

If, at the end of the day - ANY day, you can stop - let those worries subside for a moment - and just recall all of the things you are greatful for (in spite of those worries) - then you have brought yourself back into the "now" and your energy has returned to being Positive. Once you get there, you will notice that those worries all of a sudden seem "silly". You will also notice that since you feel good right here, right now, the future doesn't seem so scary afterall, and eventually you begin to see that nothing is impossible - no matter what the economy might be, what you're kids are doing, how many grey hairs you have, or what the rest of the world is telling you.

When you are appreciating what you have right here, right now, you are "Present" and you are in the "Now". That's when the good stuff starts to happen.

If anyone is interested in learning more about this subject, I know of some great resources - I'd be happy to share!


  1. Kelly, of course I don't mind. Thanks for the kind words. You're going in my journal today! Have a great day.

  2. Very good idea. Probably something everyone should be doing. Cute blog.

  3. This way of thinking is so important. I truly believe that. Gratitude each and every day!

    Hope you're having a lovely Sunday and take care...

    :^) Anna

  4. It is a good idea. I could use any and all suggestions to stop some of my worry these days!

  5. Count me in too. I need all the help I can in this area. I would love to hear about some more resources please.

  6. If you like that idea, try taking a photo a day of something you're grateful for and blogging about it - aka

    I am into my 18th month of doing this and it ROCKS MY WORLD :-)))


  7. Found you through MomDot and I just have to say..I love your blog title and classy and chic!